70x110 mm Felix, Lost Cities, Copper -150 per pack, SWN-040

$ 3.95

This is the amazingly popular Swan PanAsia Sleeves, finally available in the USA! You are getting product code SWN-040. These are Swan Card Sleeves: 70x110 mm Felix, Lost Cities, Copper -150 per pack.

These are recommended for the following games, the number after each game indicates how many cards of this size are in each game:

Boomtown 60

Day & Night 140

Dragonmaster 39

Dwarf King, The (Iello 2011) 53

Knightmare Chess 80

Knightmare Chess 2 80

Lost Cities 60

Money (Gryphon Version) 74

Space Alert 55

Starfarers of Catan (German Edition) 32

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